What We Can Repair

The types of dent we can repair is extensive but not infinite! The size, shape and location of a dent all determine what can and can not be repaired via the PDR method. Most small dents ( 1-2 inches) or light creases ( 1-4 inches) can be repaired 100% so the panel is perfect again. Medium dents ( 2-4 inches) and larger creases can, in many cases be repaired to 95% or more. Which to most eyes still looks like 100%.

Once you start getting into large dents and deep creases the success rate is more limited. Factors such as metal stretching or paint cracking are common reasons for big or deep dents not being repairable via the PDR method.

If your not sure about a dent then send a picture via the contact form below, email info@alloutdents.co.uk or call us on 07977 641817 or 07990 846705 and we’ll advise you on what can be done.

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PDR Costs

The cost of repairing a dent or dents compared to traditional body shop methods is far cheaper and more convenient. There are no colour matching or shine issues, the time for repairs is minutes and hours rather than days and we carry out repairs at your home or place of work as we are mobile. To give an estimate of cost we need an idea of the size, shape, location on a panel and number of panels dented. If you are able to text or email a photo or photos, we can assess and estimate from that or, give us a call and we can discus the damage and give an idea of cost that way.